Writing about music is like dancing about architecture

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A journal entry from 2005.  One of the few that I still resonate with.

Photo credit: Brandon Giesbrecht

Photo credit: Brandon Geisbrecht http://www.flickr.com/photos/naturegeak/"It is interesting to me how music has no color and yet has the ability to paint such vivid pictures. Music in itself transcends the superficial, because it has no such visible outer layer. It has no facade. Only when associated with words, images, and people can the boundaries be drawn, the demographics associated, and the genres manifested. Music can be made singular and superficial by association, but it is universal in its own right. It does not care of color, because it has no color. It deals only in space and time. It is the manifestation of soul without the bias of sight. It is like a reverse first impression. It is getting to know a persons hopes, dreams, and fears, before ever seeing their face.

Through music we can see people as they are meant to be seen. Not as colors, possessions, demographics, hairstyles, trends, jobs, skeletons and piles of flesh, but as hearts, souls, and ideas. We can see inner beauty, because there is no outer layer to get in the way. Every note is unique. It has its own style, grace, and intelligence, but it is truly defined by intervals. It finds itself and its purpose in its relationship to the other notes. It finds its place in the chord and the shape of the melody as it drifts by. Its individuality manipulates the whole and the product of the movement, of the flow, of the greater idea, and ultimately the song that is a part of. Unarguably invaluable in its own right, and in absolute submission to the greater idea, each note is at once a contradiction and an exclamation that self is defined by the whole.

Through this simultaneous individuality and cooperation, a note has the ability to influence the song and form an idea, a movement, a revolution. Through this greater understanding it has the ability to create change, manipulate relationships. Through this sonic collaboration, power is achieved. Not the power of force and hatred, but the power of understanding and love. By understanding the contradiction, the contradicting elements are united in a way that defines change not as the difference of two opposing forces, the stronger one inflicting change and the weaker resisting, but as the sum, both working together to create something that is neither the victory and expression of one over the other, but a brilliant combination that encompasses all visions. The manifestation of this shared vision is love in its purest form and is more powerful than any contradiction."

New site

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Yes, it's true.  This website is brand new.  Not much here now, but check back soon. 

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